Judgement Day

Today is Judgment day and I don’t even have a clean pair of underpants.

When I woke up this morning, I opened the shutter and saw fireballs raining from the skies. Destruction and despair were spreading everywhere, fast.

Fires, floods, chasms opened up, swallowing cars, people and whole buildings. Lightning strikes from the sky were hitting random passers-by with surgical precision.

I knew it. I had a strange feeling last night; I felt that something was about to happen. I had one of those presentiments that cannot be explained.

It was one of those evenings when one goes to sleep peacefully and then in half-sleep suddenly a bad, gripping feeling of certain doom comes over you but you can’t quite pin it what is causing it exactly.

You think about it, over and over, you worry until you give up, and you think that if it doesn’t spring to mind, then it probably is not that important.

Of course… it was the underpants! I opened the drawer .. and there were none. None, not even an old crumpled pair. Socks yes, all beautifully rolled up, but underpants, not even one by mistake.

I knew I had to do my laundry last night before going to sleep. Maybe it wouldn’t have dried out completely by the morning, but at least I’d have a clean pair of underpants to wear for the end of the world.