Sometimes, it’s all just in our heads.

I woke up or thought I was waking up from a deep sleep. Even now, I’m not too sure which one it was. I lay in bed for a few minutes staring at the ceiling while listening to my breath. I thought I was awake because usually, in dreams, you can’t hear your breath, can you?

I listened more carefully, and in the silence of the morning, I thought I heard a distant noise. I held my breath for a brief moment to understand what it was and where that sound was coming from.

It sounded familiar to me, and I recognised the sound of falling rain. I thought that another gloomy day was waiting for me.

I got up and opened the curtains to look out the window; the sun was already shining high in the sky, and there was no trace of clouds. Blue skies.

I continued to hear the sound of the rain, rhythmic and constant.

I thought maybe there might be a leak in the pipes. I looked around to see if I could identify the direction from which that noise was coming, but I couldn’t.

I tried to change rooms and the noise was always the same. I locked myself in the bathroom, the noise was the same there too. I tried to put my head in the kitchen pantry and the noise was always the same. 

Now I was certain; it was raining inside my head.

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