The Noumenon that fell from the sky

It was a regular day like any other when suddenly an unknown object fell from the sky. It fell during the day in a semi-deserted square in the heart of the town.

It fell without making any noise and stood where it had landed as if attached to a magnet. I approached cautiously, thinking it might be a still-glowing meteorite.

Strangely, on impact with the ground, it hadn’t done any damage. It hadn’t even broken into pieces; it was still whole.

As I moved closer to that object that had mysteriously fallen from the sky, I noticed its unusual combination features. It was small, thick, wide, narrow, deep, flat, square, round. It was hot and cold. It appeared to be wet and dry. It was coloured and colourless. It smelled good and stank. It was opaque but shone brightly.

I was now close enough for the object to be within reach. I slowly moved one hand closer as if to touch it. I stood still for a moment, trying to figure out if that object could somehow react to me attempting an approach. It did not do react, so I decided to move the other hand closer too. Then I suddenly grabbed it and tried to lift it; as I suspected, it was heavy and light.

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