At a crossroads, choose your path wisely.

I was walking minding my own business when I came to a crossroads, and the road forked specularly. Each side was precisely the mirror image of the other, and I could not see any difference. I had never seen such a perfect, specular match in reality, and it looked a bit eerie.

Everything seemed to double on each side down to the smallest detail. The gravel on the road, the puddles and trees in the background and on the sides of each road.

Both seemed to continue towards infinity. Despite this, I had the feeling that each road led to different places. I stood still for a long time, looking now on one side and now on the other, deciding which one I should take. I should not have encountered any crossroads according to the indications in my possession.

I began to ponder how I should act and imagine all the possible scenarios and what could have happened if I had taken one road rather than the other. I felt the decision on which route to take was somewhat crucial, but I could not tell why I had this feeling.

Fantasising, I imagined that if I had taken the one on the left, I would have arrived in a hidden and secret village no one knew about. People lived a relaxed and carefree life, where everyone knew each other and lived in harmony. The sun shone even when it rained, and the wheat grew even when there was snow.

The road on the right, on the other hand, could have led to a completely different place, or perhaps the same road further ahead would have turned out to be tortuous and inaccessible, or so bumpy as to be impracticable, and I would be forced to go back to the crossroads to take the other.

Or maybe the one on the left would have turned out to be a wrong road, while the one on the right would have led to the carefree village.

Or maybe neither would turn out good nor perhaps they both were. Perhaps neither of them would lead anywhere, or maybe they would rejoin later so that regardless of the route I chose, I would always return to the starting point. It is also possible that both roads continued towards infinity without arriving anywhere.

There was no way to say it now to make a reasoned choice. I briefly considered what to do and slowly took the first step, almost unconsciously. Then another, and still another, ahead, I advanced more and more decisively and confidently, and when I reached the fork in the road, I took both roads simultaneously without looking back.

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