What the Fog hides

This morning, I found myself immersed in a thick fog when I left the house. I looked around and could barely make out the familiar silhouettes of the surrounding buildings.

I set off, and as I walked, I looked with fascination at those less and less definite silhouettes of the buildings in my neighbourhood as the fog became denser and denser.

As I walked, I realised that even those shapes that I could still barely distinguish were beginning to fade behind the veil of that fog that now seemed impenetrable to sight. Only the vague outlines of a few buildings and trees remained, barely visible here and there. I wasn’t entirely sure of those either and couldn’t figure out if I saw those lines or imagined them.

I stopped in my track and, looking around, I realised that it was as if the fog had hidden the whole world like it had never existed or it had all been just an illusion. No one, in my opinion, could have claimed that the world was still in its place amid that fog.

Or perhaps the fog had transposed me to another dimension, and those few lines that I still thought I could see could have been alien constructions from another world or palaces of future or ancient civilisations.

Those places so familiar before the rising of the fog seemed to have transformed into something unknown and, at the same time, into new places I could explore. Nothing seemed to be left of everything I knew.

I wondered if I would still find everything in its place once the fog cleared. Not only the houses and buildings but also my friends, my family, all the places I frequented. And again the whole city and all the countries of the world with their populations.

Did the sun still exist? I couldn’t see it. And the universe with its stars and galaxies? Were the whole world and all of life an imperceptible illusion like those lines that I can hardly still distinguish? Is the rising of the fog enough to wipe out the whole world and its knowledge from human perception?

Immersed in these thoughts, I resumed walking, in any direction or perhaps none; there was no way to tell in that increasingly thick fog.

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