I forgot what I came in here for

I enter the room, sit at my desk and start thinking. Then I realise that I have nothing to think about and don’t even remember why I entered the room, which perhaps isn’t even mine.

I look around as if I’m searching for something, and I don’t even see the desk anymore; there are only the walls, the ceiling and the floor. No doors or windows. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember where I was before I entered this room or how I got into it. Or maybe I imagined I entered it while I was already here?

I think for a moment, but I have nothing to think about. I observe the wall in front of me, and after a few moments, I notice a slight pulsation. I approach to check better, and I see that the wall is pulsing very slowly. The motion is rhythmic and regular. I try to touch it, and it feels solid to the touch. Nonetheless, the wall continues to move rhythmically, with a kind of a beat.

I observe this strange phenomenon fascinated for a few minutes when I realise that the wall is also approaching in addition to pulsing. Indeed, the wall seems much closer to me, who remained motionless in my place, than when I noticed those strange pulsations for the first time. I step back slightly to get away and look around; the whole room seems to have shrunk. I check the other walls one by one and notice that all four are pulsing slightly as they move towards the centre of the room.

All four sides of the room are slowly closing around me, and the space in which I can move is getting smaller and smaller. I turn around on myself as if to look for an unlikely way out, but there is no more room to move around.

I feel all sides of the room surround me, from head to toe. I feel no pressure or pain as I feel my body merge with the room’s walls. Shortly after, there is no room or walls, no pulsation or heartbeat. I slowly abandon myself to a calm warmth of which I cannot identify the origin, and suddenly I remember why I had entered the room.

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