Photo of an Eternal Sunrise

It was early in the morning, just before sunrise. I was sitting on a bench in a suburban city park. I loved getting up late at night and being outdoors early in the morning. Maybe iI was attracted by the rising sunlight that slowly and obliquely warmed the cold night air or by the silence attenuated only by the chirping of the early morning birds. Perhaps it was the feeling of being in the sleepy state of a day that is coming out of its night when everything still seems quiet, just a few moments before it disappears in the frenzy of the daily duties that put our soul to sleep.

Those few moments between the twilight of dawn and the first rays of the sun seem eternal. And yet, when the sun rises in the sky to shine on our lives, those moments seem to have never existed, like those dreams that vanish upon waking, leaving us with the vague impression of having forgotten something. And for some people, these moments have never existed or will never exist. For others, it may be just memories or wishes. For others, however, dawn could be the darkest time of the night.

Absorbed in these thoughts, I realised that I could no longer see the landscape before me, but I could perceive it instead, down to the single blade of grass. I then took my instant camera out of my pocket and took a photo of the park just as the first rays of sun began to pierce through the trees on the horizon. The sky was still tinged with pastel shades, while the green of the trees and lawns came out of the grey and grew brighter and brighter.

I waited for the instant photo to develop and placed it on the bench where I was sitting. I stood up first with one leg, then with the other, I entered the photograph and slowly immersed my whole body in it. I was now in that eternal and infinite moment, forever on one side and never on the other.

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